Monday, January 23, 2012

Unit 3

Now, it is your turn to find a song and a film connected with all the things we have been talking about in UNIT3 Espiritus errantes en San Nicolas
- Ambition / Motivation - Do you remember the story I told you about the man who was sitting in Plaza San Nicolas enjoying the view of the Alhambra and another man offered him a lottery ticket?

sharing a flat and a bench
- Your plans for the future
- What will you be when you grow up? - Where will you live? What job will you have??
- What would you do if you met your teacher at the disco?

flamenco lessons in Albaicin

- What would you have done if you had won the lottery last December?
A cruise? Family party
A holiday? Glamour en la playa de Cannes A sports car? Summertime
More questions to come ......
Please, leave your ideas here. Use what you have learnt in this unit and your IMAGINATION!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What will I be when I grow up?

Tinker, Tailor,
Soldier, Sailor,
Rich Man, Poor Man,
Beggar Man, Thief.

Children use this short poem or nursery rhyme when they have to choose who will be 'it' (the seeker) when playing hide and seek, but it is also a game to know what job they will have in the future.

This is what the Wikipedia says about it: "Tinker Tailor" is a counting game, nursery rhyme and fortune telling song traditionally played in England, that can be used to count cherry stones, buttons, daisy petals and other items. Its American version is commonly used by children for "counting out," e.g. for choosing who shall be "It" in a game of tag.

The tinker, tailor is one part of a longer counting or divination game, often played by young girls to foretell their futures; it runs as follows:

When shall I marry?
This year, next year, sometime, never.
What will my husband be?
Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich-man, poor-man, beggar-man, thief.
What will I be?
Lady, baby, gypsy, queen.
What shall I wear?
Silk, satin, cotton, rags (or silk, satin, velvet, lace)
How shall I get it?
Given, borrowed, bought, stolen.
How shall I get to church?
Coach, carriage, wheelbarrow, cart.
Where shall I live?
Big house, little house, pig-sty, barn.

- Have you decided what you will be when you grow up???

Perspectiva en equilibrio A scientist?Florista A florist? Hecho como siempre A potter? Visitor Teacher A teacher??

Flores de sarten A tinker? maletin de doctor A doctor?

la banda sonora A flamenco singer? claseA juggler?

Please, leave a comment with your plans for the future and find one recent film that has the same title as the little poem or nursery rhyme that appears in this post and tell me the name of this film in Spanish, please!
The winner is the student who finds out this title first!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Far away by Micheo
Be ecological, caring, generous.
Enjoy your present, prepare yourselves for your future.
Let the wind take your bad times and your problems with it.
You are all young, intelligent and strong.
Be optimistic, then!!

full of friendship, love and fulfilled dreams.