VII Premio Espiral de Edublogs

This is the banner that shows that this year we are also taking part in Premio Espiral Edublog. It is a prize for blogs dedicated to education, made by students or teachers or both. This year is their seventh year and we expect this time we will be the winners in our group. 

Last year we were given a consolation prize, accésit. Here is a photo of the diploma they sent us.
Our Diploma

A colourful spinning top
We were invited to go to Madrid and collect this diploma but it was only a fourth prize, so we did not go.  Perhaps this year we can enjoy a wonderful trip to Madrid. 

Here are the possible prizes for this year :
- Primeros premios: Peonza dorada
- Segundos premios: Peonza plateada
- Terceros premios: Peonza bronceada

Will we get one of these spinning tops??  Who knows?

Here you can see the description of our blog as it appears in the web page of the organizers. 
Good luck!

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