Unit 4

1.-  - How to describe an object - Here you can find some very interesting exercises about descriptions. This is really useful when you want to get something and you don't know what this 'object' is called in English.  Please, use these structures to write a post describing the object I have sent you!!

 2.- - Relatives : Here you can find lots of examples of relatives.-  Ex -1 Lots of relatives
                     More exercise about relatives Ex-2 -
                     Even more Ex-3

When you finish doing these exercises, you can ask me for the solutions. In case you have some questions, ask me in class.

3.-  And now, let's travel!! What do you know about other countries, in Europe, in the rest of the world? Where is English spoken as a first language? What countries can you mention in Africa, in Asia?
How European do you feel??

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