Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

-One of my resolutions is to get my driving licence this year

-Another one is to learn English to pass the B1  test.
 - My last resolution is to learn how to do voodoo

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My favourite song

Hello everyone! Today I want to speak you all about my favourite song, It is "Hero of war" by Rise Against.
It deals with the war, and how soldiers feel when they are involved in it. First, it begins showing how interesting it can be to take part in a war, because you are defending your country and your honour, but as the song goes on, feelings become the opposite, and it shows the reality of war. I love this song because I am  very peaceful and I defend  peace above all!!!
I hope you like it!
He said, "Son, 
Have you seen the world? 
Well, what would you say 
If I said that you could? 
Just carry this gun, you'll even get paid." 
I said, "That sounds very good." 
Black leather boots 
Spit-shined so bright 
They cut off my hair but it looked al-right
We marched and we sang 
We all became friends 
As we learned how to fight 


A hero of war 
Yeah, that's what I'll be 
And when I come home 
They'll be damn proud of me 
I'll carry this flag 
To the grave if I must 
Because it's flag that I love 
And a flag that I trust 
I kicked in the door 
I yelled my commands 
The children, they cried 
But I got my man 
We took him away 
A bag over his face 
From his family and his friends 
They took off his clothes 
They pissed in his hands 
I told them to stop 
But then I joined in 
We beat him with guns 
And batons not just once 
But again and again 


A hero of war 
Yeah that's what I'll be 
And when I come home 
They'll be damn proud of me 
I'll carry this flag 
To the grave if I must 
Because it's flag that I love 
And a flag that I trust 
She walked through bullets and haze 
I asked her to stop 
I begged her to stay 
But she pressed on 
So I lifted my gun 
And I fired away 
And the shells jumped through the smoke 
And into the sand 
That the blood now had soaked 
She collapsed with a flag in her hand 
A flag white as snow 


A hero of war 
Is that what they see 
Just medals and scars 
So damn proud of me 
And I brought home that flag 
Now it gathers dust 
But it's a flag that I love 
It's the only flag I trust 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Hi! Happy 2013! This year I want to do a lot of things, but only four I consider important.

-I am going to improve my marks to get an average score of 9,3 so I would travel and would work more easily. 

-I am going to learn bellydance and a bit of breakdance with Irene and Minerva, we love dance.

-I am going to travel to Denmark, it's very beautiful and I love nordic countries. I'll go If my  group of theatre decide to go there.

-I am going to get a tattoo with my friend Irene. I'll have a padlock and my friend Irene a key.
I hope that your resolutions come true, friends :) 


One of my favourite songs is "In My mind" (Remixed by Axwell)
I heard it in "Tomorrowland After Movie 2012" (It's one of the biggest DJ's festival in the world)
Here you have the song and Tomorrowland's after movie.

But, my favourite song by far, is "Rule the World" by Take That"

Yeah you and me we can ride on a star 
If you stay with me girl 
We can rule the world- 
Yeah you and me we can light up the sky 
If you stay by my side 
We can rule the world- 

If walls break down, I will comfort you 
If angels cry, oh I’ll be there for you 
You've saved my soul 
Don’t leave me now, don’t leave me now 

I know that i wrote this post some time ago, but i forgot to show you another special song. It is the favourite song of the most beautiful girl in the world, since she died, this song has become more special for me. This was my sister's favourite song. 
"Flying without wings" By Westlife

Friday, January 25, 2013


One of my favourite songs is Wiz Khalifa- Sky High
I love this song because it reminds me of good times and experiences of last year.

Yeah they talk, but I cant hear what they say, cause I'm flying sware they see me but I'm too many miles away, cause I'm flying, in the air your all the way down, and I'm flying, to the sky, I don't touch the ground! I'm flying 
so high I can touch the sky (x8) 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My New Year´s Resolutions

- I am going to quit smoking.
 I don´t know if it will be easy, or if I will do it now or later. But I´ll try!
- I´d like to get my driving licence before summer! 
- I am going to study harder or I'll try to do it! 
  Ooh, my god! Help me, please!!

My Favourite Songs

I really love music. These are four of my favourite songs. I hope you like them.

The Rolling Stones-Paint It Black                                                              Bob Marley-Redemption Song

Dire Straits-Walk of Life                                                  Bad Religion-Sorrow

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Avenged Sevenfold-Dear God
I love this song because it belongs to my favorite band, it's the first song I heard and  I like it so much because its lyrics are amazing if you know their history,  and because the instruments: the guitar, the drums, the bass .. sound incredibly well. And it's very beautiful..
There's nothing here for me on this barren road
There's no one here while the city sleeps
and all the shops are closed
Can't help but think of the times I've had with you
Pictures and some memories will have to help me through, oh yeah
Guns N' Roses-Civil war
This song is amazing because it talks about the war, and the misery, we have to learn that wars are a bad way to solve problems.

My hands are tied
For all I've seen has changed my mind
But still the wars go on as the years go by
With no love of God or human rights
'Cause All These dreams are swept aside
By bloody hands of the hypnotized
Who carry the cross of homicide
And history bears the scars of our civil wars
Foo Fighters-The pretender
this song is special for me because my best friend and I listen to this song when we are together.


What if I say I'm not like the others?
What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?
You're the pretender
What if I say I will never surrender?
Led Zeppelin-Stairway to heaven
This song is my favourite of all because it reminds me of my father. He taught me this song.

And it's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
And the forest will echo with laughter

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow
Don't be alarmed now
It's just a spring clean for the May Queen

A Day To Remember- It's complicated
I love this song because I love the lyrics and the music, I like the sound of instruments used to make the song

You're not the person that I knew back then
It's all to late to set things right cause everything has been
You're not the person that I knew back then
Let's try and act like this didn't happen, follow your friends like you ever had them

These are some of my favourite songs.

I like many types of music but my favourite is reggaeton. I know this type isn't wonderful but on the other hand I listen to all types of music. 
My favourite songs in English are:
  • Auburn- We're The Perfect Two : I love it because one of my best friends dedicated  this song to me. I have listened to this song every day since she dedicated it to me. I love her. She lives in Lleida so I never see her... I'm so sad for it.

" Cause your the one for me (for me) 
And I'm the one for you (for you) 

You take the both of us (of us) 
And we're the perfect two 

We're the perfect two 

We're the perfect two 
Baby me and you 
We're the perfect two. " 

  • Bruno Mars - Count On Me : This song is wonderful, that is why it is one of my favourite songs. Friendship is the most important thing for me. I don't have many friends, but they are the best friends in the world.
    Find out what we're made of 
    when we are called to help our friends in need 
    you can count on me like 123 
    I'll be there 
    and I know when I need it 
    I can count on you like 432 
    and you'll be there 
    cause that's what friends are supposed to do.  "

 Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You I always had faith in love, therefore I think everyone has his half-orange in the world. We find love in the smallest things, so the little things are more special.
" But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be
 the night that I will fall for you

Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Your impossible to find. "

I hope you like them too.

Some of my favourite songs!

This post is about some of my favourite songs...
The first, ``Forever Young´´ 

Forever Young,
I want to be Forever Young
Do you really want to live forever?
Forever Young.

Some are like water, some are like the heat
Some are a melody and some are the beat
Sooner or later they all will be gone
Why don't they stay young?

It's so hard to get old without a cause
I don't want to perish like a fading horse
Years like diamonds in the sun
And diamonds are forever

I like this song first because it gives me optimism, it also shows  we want to be forever young, enjoy life with disappointments, achievements and follies of being young. I love this sentence: ``Let's just die young or let us live forever´´ because it summarizes in a few words all the song.
Another song is ``Fall for you´´ 
 I can only say that... I love this song!

But hold your breathe 
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you 
Over again 
Don't make me change my mind 
Or I wont live to see another day 
I swear it's true 
Because a girl like you is impossible to find 
Your impossible to find 

Another of my favourite songs is ``The lazy song´´
Oh Oh, yes I said it 
I said it 
I said it cause I can 
Today I don't feel like doing anything 
I just wanna lay in my bed 
don't feel like picking up my phone 
So leave a message at the tone 
Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything 
Nothing at all 
Ooh hoo ooh hoo 
Hoo ooh ooh 
Nothing at all 
Ooh hoo ooh hoo 
Hoo ooh ooh 

It's a lazy theme song but I love it because it reminds me of my brother, because  this song alwayssounds when we are together, we dance and sing as if it were our last day!

And finally, one of the news songs of Robbie William,  Candy

Hey ho here she goes 
Either a little too high or a little too low 
Got no self-esteem and vertigo 
Cause she thinks she’s made of candy 
Hey ho here she goes 
Either a little too loud or a little too close 
There's a hurricane in the back of her throat 
And she thinks she’s made of candy ...
I like it because it is different to many other songs by Robbie Williams like a Angels(which is beautiful, click in Angels) and it has rhythm and a good video. I leave it here!

IMAGINE by John Lennon

Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will be as one

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My favourite music

By Bob Marley Is This Love, No Woman No Cry and A lalalala Long
By Louis Armstrong La Vie En Rose,   What a Wonderful World and with Ella Fitzgerald Summertime
By The Beatles Let It Be. It is their best song.
By Jason Mraz I'm Yours
And finally by Ice Cube Smoke Some Wed

My New Year's Resolutions.

 "My new year's resolutions."

In this post I'm going to tell you my New Year's Resolutions.
There are  some resolutions but I'm going to try to achieve all of them.
  • I'm going to study more and every day.
  • I'm going to help my mother in her housework.
  • I'm going to learn to speak French because I think it is an amazing language.
The French flag.
  • I'm going to go to Italy in a cruise with my friends and teachers.
  • Finally I'm going to try to fall in love, because life is short and I want to enjoy it.

This is my tattoo.

One of my favourite songs

Chop Suey - System Of The Down

One of my favourite song is Chop Suey - System Of The Down

My favourite part of the lyrics:

Father, father, father, father
Father into your hands, I commend my spirit
Father into your hands
Why have you forsaken me?

In your eyes forsaken me
In your thoughts forsaken me
In your heart forsaken me, oh

My opinion:

In this song the group criticized the Christian religion above all church because they lie to the believers with nonsensical stories .

I like this song because the lyrics are real and speak about an important current topic.

Some of my favourite songs.

These are my favourite songs right now.
Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars.- I love this song because of the rhythm, it is like an old school song, and I love Bruno Mars
                                "Never had much faith in love or miracles
                                Never wanna put my heart on the line
                                But swimming in your words is something spiritual
                                I'm born again everytime time you spend the night"

The Climb by Miley Cyrus,-  I love this song because it's taught me to overcome my problems no matter what happens
                                "There's always gonna be another mountain
                                  I'm always wanna make it move
                                  Always wanna be a unphill
                                  Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose"

Walk In the Sun  by McFly.-  This song has a powerfull message for me,because I usually listen to this song when I am through a really bad moment, and this song and the voice of Danny Jones makes me feel much better, and this song taught me that I'm not the only one who was through a bad moment or has some problems.
                                   "I wonder what it's like to be loved by you
                                     I wonder what it's like to be home
                                     And I don't walk when there's a stone in my shoe
                                     All I know, that in time I'll be fine"

Love For Me by Cher Lloyd.-  This song taught me that you don't have to change for anybody and you are valuable just the way you are
                              "A doll house it's all that you could see
                                       I have problems I have issues
                                       Sometimes is all too much for me"

We are who we are by Little Mix.-  This song taught me that everybody is beautiful,that you don't have to be skinny or pretty or anything to be beautiful,you just need to be you
                                       "Throw all the books and the magazines
                                        I'm never gonna look like a beauty queen
                                        We are who we are who we are
                                        And I'm just doin' me, just doin' me"

Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars.- This song means a lot to me, it reminds me of my grandma and makes me cry everytime I hear it,because I miss her.
                                        "At night when the stars light up my room
                                          I sit by myself talking to the Moon
                                          Try to get to You
                                          In hopes you're on the other side
                                          Talking to me too
                                          Or am I a fool who sits alone
                                          Talking to the moon"


My favourite song is "Algo Me Gusta De Ti" by Wisin Yandel Chris Brown and T-pain

The reason why I like this song is that it reminds me of different experiences in my life and also because it´s a great song for a party. The English part starts at 1:40, so wait for it

My New Year´s Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions are:
  • -I am going to study harder
  • -I am going to be a better person
  • -I am going to visit Paris

Monday, January 21, 2013

My favourite song

My favourite song is We are never ever getting back together   by Taylor Swift

The chorus:

Oooh we called it off again last night
But Oooh, this time I'm telling you, I'm telling you
We are never ever ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever ever getting back together
You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
But we are never ever ever ever getting back together

Why  have I chosen this son?

 I've chosen this song because the first time I heard it I liked it,  but not too much, but when I saw the translation i started liking it  more.


Well, there are so many songs which I love, I would like to post all of them, but it could be  impossible; I have chosen some of these songs, I  hope you like them

BEAUTIFUL By Bethany Dillon, is one of my favourite songs, because it has taught me, that being myself is good enough.

You make me beautiful
You make me stand in awe
You step inside my
heart, and I am amazed
I love to hear You say
Who I am is quite enough
You make me worthy of
love and beautiful
SMILE  By Mcfly    I really love this song, because in my hardest times, a person that I love so much, told me '' listen to this song, it will make you happy'' and it was true. This song means a lot to me.
So just remember to smile smile smile
Smile smile smile
Smile smile smile
C'mon show us your teeth and what you got underneath

BE ALRIGHT  By Justin Bieber  This song has taught me that you don't have to give up in the darkest moments, because after the rain comes a rainbow.
Don't you worry 'cause everything's gonna be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
Be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight
FUCKIN' PERFECT  By Pink  This song has inspired me so much, has taught me that everybody is perfect in his/her own way.
Pretty, pretty please
Don’t you ever, ever feel
Like your less than
Fuckin’ perfect
Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like your nothing
You’re fuckin’ perfect to me

PENNY LANE  AND LET IT BE  By  The Beatles, I'm in love with them, they're my Idols, so it's so hard to choose 2 or 3 favourite songs, I really love all their songs.

Penny Lane
Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
Here beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit and meanwhile back in
Let it be
speaking words of wisdom, let it be
let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
whisper words of wisdom, let it be

SKYSCRAPER By Demi Lovato I really love this song, and the lyrics, this song means a lot to me, it shows me that life is not easy, and that if you want to get something you will have to fight for it, and that no matter how many times life turns you down, you have to stand up and continue your way, but the most important thing is that you have to keep strong.

You can take everything I have,
You can break everything I am.
Like I'm made of glass,
Like I'm made of paper.
Go on and try to tear me down,
I will be rising from the ground.
Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper
LEGO HOUSE  By Ed Sheeran  I love Ed Sheeran and all his songs, and it's one of my favorites about him.
 I'm out of touch, I'm out of love
I'll pick you up when you're getting down
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now
THIS SONG SAVED MY LIFE  By Simple Plan  I love this song, because it's like a little part of my life, when I hear it, I always smile :)
  I was broken
I was choking
I was lost
This song saved my life
I was bleeding
Stoped believing
Could have died
This song saved my life
I was down
I was drowing
But it came on just in time
This song saved my life

THE SHOW MUST GO ON   By Queen  I will never get tired of listening to this song, I love it, it's very sad that Freddie Mercury is dead.

the show must go on
the show must go on
inside my heart is breaking
my make-up may be flaking
but my smile still stays on