WRITING  is one of the most difficult skills when learning a language.
There are many reasons to explain why:
  • One of them is that we don't usually write texts in our mother tongue. Well, if you are a student you are writing all the time, but you only write texts about your subjects for class, for exams for studying.
  • Nowadays we don't write as much as people used to do in the past. We don't write letters to our relatives who live far from us: we usually send them photos or videos or very short emails, and that's all. Or we use Skype or the telephone. So we don't letters write to keep in contact with the people we love and are not near us.
  •  We don't write for pleasure. Some young teenagers often keep a diary, but they stop doing it after a time.
  • When we have to leave a message for someone, we don't even write notes and leave them on the fridge; we send SMS, WhatsApps
  • Writing is difficult because you have to think carefully what you are going to write, and if you have to write it in English, it looks like an impossible task.
 But.... This is not true. It is only a matter of doing it little  by little.

Remember that we started by writing a story: ONCE UPON A TIME .... , with a game I told you from the BBC web page.
Here you can find some ideas about different WRITING EXERCISES  - I got them in a book by Oxford University Press -PAU - LOGSE Revision Essentials - (Karen Ludlow)
1.- How to write a short story 
- Here is a presentation on this same point.
2.- How to describe a place 
3.- How to write an opinion essay.   This is the structure you have to follow for the posts in this blog. When you have to write about a country, an environmental problem, and so on. 
4.- How to write a  personal description
5.- How to write a discussion Essay -  See this presentation
Here you have a list with possible topics for  A DISCUSSION ESSAY. Choose one of these ideas and write a GOOD essay for our blog! Please!
Two examples:
  -  Should you look after your parents?

  -  The advantages and disadvantages of free public transport 

(To be continued ...)

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