Grammar - Useful links

I have read somewhere that trying to find information on Internet is as difficult as trying to fill up a glass of water in the Niagara Falls. A nearly impossible task.

There are so many exercises and web pages that it is difficult to choose an appropriate one

So, in order to make things easier for you I have found some useful links to help your to revise the grammar and vocabulary you have to study for next exams.

Grammar in general - Study Zone - University of Victoria  -Lower Intermediate - Here

Here you can read some theory and so some exercises about CONDITIONALS .  You can download these activities.

Conditionals  Mixed types  - Here

Type 2 Conditionals - Here and   Here

Type 3 Conditionals -  Here and Here

Relative Sentences (adjective sentences )  - Here 

Thousands of exercises in the BBC web page

A web page made by a Spanish teacher of English - Isabel Perez.

Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation  BBC learning English

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