Friday, May 31, 2013

Only public transport should be allowed in cities.

Citizens have different opinions about this topic. There are some different points of views.

On the one hand, if people only use public transport  in cities, we will have a city with less pollution. In addition, we will have a less noisy city,, we will have a less chaotic city and we will have a cleaner city. Granada is a very small city and many people think it is not necessary for us to use the public transport, so, many inhabitants' thought is “let's get the car to move around”.

On the other hand, a percentage of citizens believe that public transport in Granada is a disaster. We have daily buses strikes, the buses are not regular and they also continually intersect streets, moreover, bus routes change.

To sum up, in my opinion, it should be prohibited the access by car to some central streets, but, furthermore, I think the Town Hall should increase the frequency of buses passing by the stops and the number of bus lines.

Applying for a job: A grave digger

Another favourite site for graves
           My name is  Antonia. I am  27 years old. I am applying for the job of grave digger. I am interested in this job because I have buried people since I was 16 years old.
   My father died when I was 5 years old and my mum married a grave digger.. My mother died after some time and I started to work with my stepfather. I have a funeral car and I have a degree on mason to cover the tombs. I buried Michael Jackson and I worked with the Royal Family for about 8 years, I was in charge of burying  their family. Two years ago I bought a new shavel. I have experience of organizing  funerals.
     I am serious and I take my work seriously and my job is very important to me. I am responsible. I work every day at any time. 
     I am always available . I just want to work, I don´t care about the money because I love my job.
    Yours sincerely. 

A Free Time Monitor For Young Children:

A Free Time Monitor For Young Children:

I am writing in response to the advertisement for a free time monitor for young children. I would like to be considered for the position.
I have experience in organizing sporting events. 
I cook very well, I can cook some plates: sandwiches, pizzas, etc.
I like to play with the children because I have fun and they too. We can watch movies in English and I can also teach them to speak English because I speak English very well.
I would also describe myself as a very sociable and active person: I am a good leader and I get on well with people. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Interview with Rita Ora:

My Interview with Rita Sahatçiu Ora

Yesterday, Rita Ora came to Spain because she had a concert.
I asked her if I could interview her.   She told me that of course I could
I asked her when she had started her career.  She tod me that when she went to Eurovision Song Contest.
I asked her if she liked Spain.  She told me that of course she did  and she said that she loved Spanish food.
I wanted to know where she lived.  She told me that she was living in Los Angeles (U.S.A)
I asked her to come back to Spain soon, and she said she would be happy to do so.

Finally, I asked her if she could sign her new album for me.
She told me that it was Ok, and she thanked me for the interview.

School gates should not be locked during the day.

Both teachers and students have different ideas about this topic. Teachers often have different opinion from students.

On the one hand, it would be good for the students to be allowed to get out of this school, at least during break time, as they do in some high schools. Being locked  all morning at school is not good and we should get out and not be locked.

On the other hand, some children will not return because they do not study and they do not care the studies and the parents would complain to the high school.

To sum up, I believe that the gates should not be locked during the day, as a minimum for the Bachillerato's students because the Bachillerato is not compulsory education and each student should be responsible and do what they want to in the Bachillerato.

My interview with Roberto Iniesta

Last summer Extremoduro, my favourite band of Spanish rock,  gave a concert in Seville. Obviously, I went to Seville, but I spent all my money on the bus so I could not go to the concert; then I decided to walk and go sightseeing. When I was walking in the city, I saw Robe, Extremoduro’ singer, and I went to the bar where he was.

Extremoduro's concert, thanks Ana Sánchez for the photo.
I asked him why their concert was so expensive, and he answered me they hadn't decided the price. In that moment I asked him to be more personal, as in their first concerts. Then he looked at himself and said to me it was true and he didn’t want to be a rock star. I told him I couldn’t pay for their concert and because of that I was disappointed, I said I had thought Extremoduro loved poetry and not money. I think in that moment I touched a dangerous topic because then he mentioned their last songs, like "el pájaro azul",  in which they didn’t make transgressive rock, as they usually did… Then I said I loved their last songs because they had been able to make another genre of music but as good as ever, I asked him when they could come Granada, which is more beautiful than Seville,  and where they had had more fans. He answered me he was going to propose the idea to the group and he would be very happy to do a very cheap concert where they would sing old songs as well as new songs.

Finally I found the way to return home, but I’m still waiting for  the concert… 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My interview with Raul González Blanco

One day I was in Madrid and I saw Raul, an ex-player of Real Madrid FC. I asked him if I could interview him and he answered of course I could.
I wanted to know if he was happy at his new team at Qatar, and he told me that he was really happy, but he preferred to play for Real Madrid.
I asked him if he wanted to play for the national team and he told me that he would love to come back to the national team. I wanted to know when he had thought to retire and he answered that he hadn't thought a date yet.
My last question was if he would like to train a football team and he said he would like to train Real Madrid.

 I thanked him for the interview and he signed my t-shirt.

Here you can see his best goals with Real Madrid

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My interview with Macklemore

The other day the rapper Macklemore came to Spain for a concert.
 I could talk to him and I did an interview.

I asked him what his real name was.  He told me that his name was Ben Haggerty.

I wanted to know what  his favourite song was.He told me that his favourite song was Thrift Shop.
I told him that my favourite song was ''And we dance''.
I asked him if he had been in Spain before. He told me that  he had never been in Spain. This was his first visit.
I wanted to know where he lived. He told me that he was living in the U.S.A
I finally told him if I could take a photo of him. He told me of course I could

My interview with Viggo Mortensen.

Last month Viggo Mortensen came to Spain to promote the new movie of The Lord of the Rings and I had the opportunity to interview him.

I wanted to know if he was enjoying Spain. He said that had been in Spain before and that he loved it.
I asked which of the films he liked more. He said that he liked all the movies of The Lord of the Rings.
I smiled and said that I also liked all of them.
I wanted to know if he had thought about doing another movie with Arturo Pérez Reverte.
He laughed and said of course, why not.
I asked if they would do more movies of The Lord of the Rings.
He thought and said it was a surprise he could not say anything.
I asked him to sign  an autograph  and if we could take a photo. And he accepted.

Private schools are better than state owned schools?

Many people have different points of view about what kind of education is better. 
Nowadays, in most of the developed countries there are thousand of schools or collages to choose which can be privates or publics´schools.
First, we should bear in mind that education is a right for people, therefore, state owned schools are giving this opportunity as they are funded by the governments.
On the one hand,  state owned schools are free for everybody and they do not make exceptions with anyone, besides, it helps students out to be in contact with all type of people and it will be the context which they will face in the future. However, teachers who work in public schools do not dedicate as personally to the students as in private schools and this may have negative consecuences.

On the other hand, private schools call for an extra payment which some times it is very high, so, students who study in private schools normally belong to families which have a high economic level, and this  prevents them to be in contact with other kind of people. Nevertheless, private ºeducacion is more personal, for example, students are allowed to choose other kind of subjects that they can consider "more practical". In addition, they are tought to put into practice what they learn by writing essays about different topics which have been discussed in subjects such as Economy, History, Biology or they really learn the use of Maths.

To sum up, education is an essential right for everyone, therefore, people should support a quality public education which preapares people for the near future. Moreover, state owned schools system should addapt to each student, and dedicate to them more personally. Finally, private school should be only an option (but not the alternative for some families for their children grow up in a more "high level") moreover, private schools should improve the relationship of their students with students from other schools, and thus, make people to share experiences and opinions each others, avoiding that children live in a "protective bubble"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My interviwe with Camela

        Camela gave a concert in Granada. There I interviewed them.
First I asked them how the tour was going and they answered that the tour was really amazing. I asked them if many people had gone to their concerts. They said happily that many people had gone to the concert and they had had a good time.

              Then I asked them if they had earned a lot of money with the concerts, they denied it. I asked them if they could invite me to a concert. They promised me that they would invite me to a concert. I asked them what their inspiration was. They said they were inspired by their past loves.
         Finally they also told me that in a concert, a girl had fainted because of the emotion.
         I thanked them for the interview.

Interview with Mario Casas

I was walking on the streets of Madrid when I saw Mario Casas and at that moment I started to interview him. 

I asked him where he was living at that moment, he answered me that he was living in Madrid with his girlfriend Maria Liñán. I was so surprised, and then I asked him where he had met her.
He told me that he had met her at a party in Granada and when he saw her, he fell in love. Now I started to laugh and continued interviewing him.
He said to me that he was very much in love and that he would be making a film with her in 2014.
Suddenly the sky turned black and it started to rain,  so we said goodbye but before I left I told him that Maria was my friend and he shouted at me to come back quickly but since I was in a taxi and shouted that we would see very soon.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My interview with Don Omar

Yesterday I was in Mae West and I met my friend William, also known as Don Omar by his fans.

I asked him what he was doing in Granada and he answered me that he was doing a new album called ``Lo Real´´ with Juan Magan. I also asked him t if he was thinking of doing a tour in Spain this summer and he answered that he had always wanted to do a tour in Spain but he didn't know when he could do it.
Finally I asked about his relationship with Daddy Yankee and he told me that he and Daddy Yankee had made peace.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My summer resolutions

-I'm going to enjoy  my holidays.

-I'm going to travel around the world.

-I'm going to do graffiti.

-I'm going to get my driving license.

-I'm going to study economy and philosophy

Describing an object

My object is the brush; I chose the brush because it is the perfect tool for painting, and painting is my life. The brush was invented in the Stone Age.

My favourite singer

My favourite singer is Josias de la Cruz (born March 19, 1987), professionally known as Nely "El Arma Secreta". He is a reggaeton singer and producer, introduced in the genre by Luny Tunes.

Nely was born and raised in Puerto Rico. His parents are from the Dominican Republic. He began with music at five years old, playing drums in his local church. At the age of 14 he began experimenting with reggaeton. He quickly established himself as the top producer for some of the music industry's biggest stars

Nely was part of the reggaeton explosion, contributing to their highest selling albums including Mas Flow 2 and Wisin & Yandel's Pa'l Mundo. He produced many hits including Gansta Zone (Daddy Yankee & Snoop Dogg), Conteo (Don Omar), Rakata (Wisin & Yandel), Noche de Travesura (Hector "El Father" & Divino), Cuanto Tengo Que Esperar (Zion & Lennox), Contacto (Yaviah), Burn It Up (R. Kelly) and Obsession (Frankie J).

Nely founded the label Artillery Music Inc/Sony Music in which fellow producer Tainy is also a member.


Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe.  It limits the north with Norway and Finland, east to Finland and Gulf of Bothnia, south to the Baltic Sea and the west by the North Sea and Norway. It has land borders with Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark by the Oresund Bridge. Its most populous city is Stockholm,  which is also its capital.
With an area of ​​449,964 km ², is the fifth largest country in Europe. In 2012, it had a total population of just over 9.5 million people, of which 93% have Internet access, making it the country with the highest penetration in the world service.

It is a member of the European Union (EU).
·Some famous people are:

He is a famous Dj, remixer and music producer.

-Alfred Nobel.

He invented the dynamite and creator of the famous Nobel Prize.
They formed  the famous group of 70´s. The members were Anni-FridAgnethaBjorn and Benny.


Its inhabitants are Irish.
Politically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland, which covers just under five-sixths of the island,and Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, which covers the remainder and is located in the north-east of the island. The population of Ireland is approximately 6.4 million. Just under 4.6 million live in the Republic of Ireland and just over 1.8 million live in Northern Ireland and the capital is Dublin

Two main languages are spoken in Ireland: Irish and English. The national day is on March 17, St. Patrick's Day.The local currency in Ireland is the Euro. 

Some famous Irish people are:-Michael Gambon

He is  a famous actor who plays Dumbledore in Harry Potter films
Irish poet and playwright famous for The Picture of Dorian Gra
-Paul Bono Hewson the leader singer of U2
-Niall Horan One of the five members of the British boy band, One Direction, and he is the only member of the band from Ireland.
This is the Irish Coffee, it is a typical drink in Ireland,and it's made with black coffe,whiskey,sugar and cream.  It is delicious!!!!


A month ago, on May, Roko gave a concert in Granada and I could ask her some things.

I asked her if  after her success in ''Tu cara me suena'' she had become popular and if she had received new projects. She told me she had received a role for a series the next year on January.
I asked her if she was going to do a new single and she answered that she was working on that and maybe in September we could listen to her single.
I asked her which imitations of ''Tu cara me suena'' she had enjoyed the most. She replied  that the imitation of Nancy Sinatra because she had more time to prepare it or Loreen because she had things on common with her.
I asked her which imitation was more difficult for her and she answered me that Nicki Minaj because their styles were completely different.
I told her she won with her last imitation of Shirley Bassey and why she had decided to choose that artist and she answered me that she loved her style of music.
Finally, I asked how many languages she had sung. She replied me that she had sung in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese and when she was learning one song in French, 'Sympathique', she had to strive a lot.

Describe an object - A TOWEL

It's made of cotton,it can be small, medium or big ,and it's used for drying your hair,your hands or any part of you body.


Malta is an island country. It is  member of the European Union. It is densely populated and consists of an archipelago situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, south of Italy, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. Because of its strategic location, it has been ruled by various powers and has fought over independence for centuries. Since 1964 Malta is an independent state and in 2004 it joined the European Union.

The Maltese archipelago lies on the edge of the African Plate, Eurasian very close. It is composed of the inhabited islands of Malta Gozo and Comino. On its shores there are a lot of bays provide good harbors.    It also has other smaller islands among which the islets of Filfla and Cominotto, or the Islands of St. Paul.

Maltese cuisine was born of the long relationship between the Maltese and Spanish that  ruled the islands.The fusion of flavours has given their kitchen a distinctive flavour in the Mediterranean.

The culture of Malta reflects the various influences of the countries that have ruled it until 1964, particularly from Italy and the UK.The Maltese customs, legends and folklore are studied and categorized slowly, like any other European tradition.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


A tandem is used to be transported from one place to another. It is an ecological means of transport. It has two wheels and a saddle. It was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci.


Last week I was in Pacha and I met Cristiano Ronaldo and I interviewed him.

I asked him if he was mad about losing the Cup against  Athletic FC and he told me he wasn't, and he had to be positive and think about the future and  work hard for this not  to repeat again.
I asked him if he believed that Mourinho would leave or not  Real Madrid he told me that he did not care if he left or not Real Madrid and what he cared about was his career, not  the coach.

I asked him if he intended to stay at Real Madrid and told me that he was well in the team and that he would finish his contract.

Finally I asked about his girlfriend Irina and he told me that everything is going very well with her and with her and he is very happy.


-'I'm going to get my driving license

-I'm going to study two subjects for September

-I'm going to back to make moral (?)

-I'm going to feel alive

-I'm going to forget about the bad times

-I'm going to travel

Friday, May 17, 2013

Interview with Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey.
Last week Lana Del Rey  gave  a concert in Madrid. I couldn't go but Lana offered to do an interview at the end with me. We really are friend.

First I asked her how the concert had gone. Lana told me that she was very happy because  people had been very kind. I said I would have liked to have been there and she smiled and told me that she could sing for me later.

I asked her what she thought about Spain. She told me that Spain was fantastic. She explained what she had seen. She said that she had seen only Madrid, Barcelona and Granada (There we met when she had made tourism in 2011). She told me about Madrid and Barcelona that these cities were very beautiful but she loved more Granada. We both laughed and I asked her what she loved more about Granada. She replied that she loved the Alhambra, the Albaicín, the viewpoint of St Nicolas and 'Los Italianos', but then she confessed me that the thing who she  loved the most in Granada was my dog! I couldn't believe it, I told her that Nora loved her too and we both laughed.

I asked her what she wanted to do in the futureLana explained  that she had to do a concert tour around Europe of her album 'Born To Die'. She said that she would finish her tour on 2014. I asked her what she was going to do then and she said that she was going to take holidays for a few months. She told me that she wanted to go back to New York to visit her family. She asked me not to visit New York without her, because she wanted to show me the entire city. I promised her that I would visit NY when she was there.

Then we went to have dinner to her hotel and she sang for me. My favourite song of Lana is 'Lucky Ones', I really love this song. I love her voice and all of you should listen to her music. I wish I can see her soon and go to some of her concerts.

My interview with my grandfather

-I asked my grandfather what was life like when he was young, because he and his family lived two wars and a dictatorship. He replied that of course things had changed, as there was no so much freedom for all but they were used to living in that situation.
-Then he was telling me how religion was a fundamental part of their lives and how this ideology had become standards of conduct. He said, "Now it's not like that; you can choose what to believe."
- We also talked about love, and about the way men used to treat women in those days. He told me he did not like the way young people behaved today with women who should never have lost the old values ​​in that aspect.
-When I asked him his best memory of his childhood, he answered me "to play peacefully in the streets without fear of cars, to have my door open during the day without fear of being robbed, not like you,  all day stuck to video games".
-Finally I asked if parents were much more serious, less quirk and gave them less freedom, and give much more importance to education than now.

To end , he added that perhaps,  despite all these limitations, they were happier then.

My favourite song.

                   My heart will go on - Celine Dion
 I have many songs that I like but I especially like this song, T because I have listened to it since I was very small and it reminds me of my childhood. I like this song because the singer has a good voice and the song is a classic of cinema worldwide.


My favorite band is Aventura. It is composed by lead singer Romeo, Henry the singer, guitarist Lenny and bassist Max.

They are characterized by their versatility and they do bachata reggaeton and hip hop. The band was born in the Bronx (New York) but they are of Dominican origin.They have worked with artists such  as  Don Omar, Wisin & Yandel and other successful artists.They are called the kings of bachata. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Describing an object

My object is used to keep CDs tidy. It's usually made of wood or metal. This is an open box but there are many other shapes and sizes.

My favorite film . The Impossible

The Impossible is my favourite film.


Croatia is a country in Central Europe which is geographically surrounded by the Pannonian Plain, South-east Europe and the Mediterranean.
The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, with one million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. Croatia borders Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Serbia to the north-east, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east, and Montenegro to the south. To the south west, Croatia borders the Adriatic Sea and also shares a sea border with Italy in the Trieste
Gulf .
The official and common language is Croatian, a Slavic language family of South Slavic languages ​​that use the Latin alphabet. The nationality of its inhabitants is Croatian. After a referendum by Croatian citizens, , the country became part of the European Union on July 1, 2013 as the 28th state to do so.
Croatia is a democratic republic. Between 1990 and 2000 had a semi-presidential system, and since 2000 has a parliamentary system.
Its population is 4,381,352. The official currency is the Kuna is divided in Lipa. 1 Kuna = 100 Lipa.
Its surface is about 56,542 km2 and is divided in 21 counties, including:
1. Bjelovar - Bilogora
2. County Brod - Posavina
3. County of Dubrovnik - Neretva
4. Istria County
File:Oton Ivekovic, Dolazak Hrvata na Jadran.jpgIn the ninth century, Croatia became one of the most powerful kingdoms in the region, successfully fighting Avars, Bulgars and Magyars or Hungarians. In 1102, following a nuptial union, the Kingdom of Croatia became part of the Kingdom of Hungary, under the sovereignty of the king.
 Luka Modric is a football player who plays for Real Madrid and the Croatian selection.
The beautiful Sylva Koscina was an Italian actress born in Zagreb, then within Yugoslavia and now the capital of Croatia. Her most famous works were Peplum as heroine opposite Steve Reeves in his first appearances as Hercules, but she also got to work with stars like Paul Newman and Kirk Douglas.
This is a dish of Austro-Hungarian origin which was eaten by the farmers. It is also popular in neighboring countries of Central Europe and the Balkans (Croatia and Serbia). It takes time but the result is a meat that is cut with a fork and the flavor is concentrated, exquisite.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


- I'm going to pass all subjects

- I'm going to find love

- I'm going to be happy and not worry about silly things

- I'm going to do sports and  be fit

- I'm going to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower

- I'm going to save money

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Nicky Romero came last weekend to the Granada House Music Festival and I interviewed him.
I asked him how he started in the house style music and he told me that he had started playing music when he was six years old and two years later he joined a street group which opens his view on house music.
I also asked him what was his opinion about Granada and he answered me that Granada inspired him very much to start a new record.

I asked him which were the most impressive places that he had visited in Granada and he answered me that the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada were the most beautiful places that he had visited.

Finally, I asked him where he would like to live when he finishes his DJ career and he answered me that Hawaii would be a good place.



I love house music, so my one of my favourite songs is: Nicky Romero-Camorra


-I'm going to stop smoking.

-I'm going to improve my school marks to get on well with my parents.

-I'm going to give a hand to those poor people who need some help in our town.

-I would like to get my driving licence in summer

Monday, May 13, 2013

My interview with Chris Haffey.

My favourite rollerblader is Chris Haffey, he's crazy and I admire him. I interviewed him
I asked him when he had started to rollerblade, he told me that he had started rollerblading when he was 2 years old.
I asked him where  he lived, he told me that he lived in California and he has skated all over the world.
I asked him if he had any Guinness record, he told me that he had the record of the longest jump on rollerblades, a jump of 30 metres, and a  not official record of the longest grind, of 203 metres when he was only 16 years old.
I asked him if he would do a new video, he told me that he didn't know it.
I asked him if he liked Spain, he told me that he loved Barcelona to skate and he wanted to go  to Barcelona again very much.