Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This country became independent in 1991. The capital is Skopje, and the population, is about two million people and it´s a Republic with twenty five thousand square kilometers of area. The currency is the denar.
The President, Gjorge Ivanov, has limited powers, and he´s elected for a five year term. The parliament has one hundred members.
Macedonia is a candidate for the European Union.

The country has mineral resources including iron, lead and zinc. Textiles represent the most significant sector.
The local cuisine includes specialities such as caraway pork with cabbage.

The people who live in Macedonia are the Macedonians, and they speak Macedonian.

I wouldn't like to be a Macedonian, because I prefer a larger country, with more interesting things.


  1. Thanks Pablo
    I would like to know if there are any popular people born in this country.
    What is the Macedonian language similar to?

  2. Yes, Mother Teresa was born here.
    The Macedonian language is like the Greek language.

  3. I'm afraid Mother Teresa wasn't born in Macedonia, but in Albania. Unless borders have changed since she was born!!!
    Thanks for the comment, anyway!!

  4. Mother Teresa was born in macedonia read it in any history book anywhere in the world!! And Pablo dont judge a country before you have been there. Just so happens I've traveled to macedonia, supposed to stay 3 days but ended up 3 weeks cause it was so fun!! doesnt matter that its small, what matter is how lovely the people are and how fun they can make your life

  5. the language is nothing like greek