Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Victoriano, our guest star

Our guest star last Monday was Victoriano Izquierdo, a former student of IES Padre Manjón. I found it very interesting to hear what he told us about Internet, communication and creativity.
I think that people like Victoriano will make a better future.
I really admire his enthusiasm and how hard he has always worked, first at the secondary school, then in his gap year in UK and USA and now at the Faculty of Computer Sciences in Madrid
. He has always showed a great interest in what was happening around him.
He was the first blogger I met. In fact, his computer teacher still remembers when Victoriano, a very young boy then (about 12), went to him and asked: 'Do you have a blog?' and the teacher thought he meant a 'block'. And asked him, 'Why, why should I have a block??? And then Victoriano explained to his teacher what a blog was. Here is his first blog: 2dManjon . He continued with blogs, but now a bit more serious: Pixel Fugaz - EL PAIS.
But then he started with photos, and he did it really well.

He explained to us how it all started when he saw that other people reacted and liked the photos he was taking.
And how people still like his photos and ask him to let them use the photos for books, conferences or many more things. He paid special attention to his photo 'Bullying' which he thought of taking while he was waiting for his biology teacher to get to the lab. (Can you recognise the corridor, the lockers... the light)

At school we do appreciate his photos (you can see them in flickr) and if you ever visit IES Padre Manjon, you'll be able to see some photos by Victoriano in the corridor, near the staff room and in the headmaster's office. It's a great honour for us, and I expect it will be a great honour for him too!!

PLEASE, say thanks to VICTORIANO!!!


  1. Hello Victoriano , I have visited your blog and i have seen a fantastic photo. It's a skyscraper. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Victoriano, your work is very interesting.

  3. Thanks, Victoriano! :) Go back when you want!

  4. This is true, Victoriano, Come back whenever you feel like it!
    You know you'll be warmly welcome!

  5. Thank you Victoriano!
    Your work in your blog is really good!