Thursday, December 20, 2012


Well, I think we all love Christmas Holydays not just because we don´t have to go to school, but because everthing´s better at Christmas.

We see those who we love and we haven´t seen for a long time, like cousins, uncles and aunts, grandparents, and like in my case brothers and sisters.
In my family, this time is magical, because we can only meet all together at Christmas. We are nine in my family with my parents, and here in Granada, I only have my parents and my brother Pablo. So I´m always looking forward to see the other six together as a family.

I think Christmas can bring miracles with it, like friends who meet after many years or unfaithful people who start to have hope and believe in theirselves, their friends, their lives or God himself. Christmas makes us better persons, less selfish, and finally happier.
It is the most beautiful time of the year, so get ready, something magnificent is coming!


Here is my favorite Christmas Song
White Christmas - The Drifters

And my favorite Christmas movie
Home Alone II

Have a great Holidays boys!!


  1. Incredible Fatima, I really like your opinion, and share it. Christmas is magical because you see the happiness of your family and give thanks to God for another year are meeting together. A big kiss and I hope you'll be very happy this Christmas. I love you my perfect girl ♥

    1. thanks for the comment, i'm glad you liked it! love you so much!

  2. Thanks a lot, Fatima. It is a very good post. May all your good wishes become true!