Sunday, December 30, 2012

Enjoying Christmas!

It's Christmas! This is the time when people are happy for different things, for example, seeing people loved by them, spending time with family, or, for the kids, that they are given presents which are brought by Santa Claus and the Three Kings.
There are many traditions in Spain and in other countries where Christmas is celebrated.  In Spain, for instance, we have Christmas Eve,  when family celebrates a big dinner and we also have the Three Kings' parade on January 5th
In England there are other traditions, such as: on Christmas Eve, children leave their socks in the fireplace for Santa Claus, who fills them with gifts and they also have "Boxing Day", which  is celebrated on December 26 when workers received their bonus (a gift that sometimes can be money)

There are many films about Christmas, such as "Home Alone", which is  a family comedy.

And there are some Christmas songs too, like "Santa Baby", which is an old song originally sung by Eartha Kitt in 1953.

I hope you're enjoying your holidays, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Very good post, Blanca. You have include all the necessary things in it!! Thanks!!