Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Enviromental problems in Spain

  Spain has very serious environmental problems, and they will be very bad in the future if we don´t do anything now.
  One dramatic problem is the lack of water. In Spain there are lots of regions that don´t have the water that the population need, because it rains very little. For instance the zones of the south of Spain, such as Almería, Granada, Jaén…
  Another problem is pollution. The smokes of the industry and the exhaust fumes of the cars are causing a hole in the ozone layer and health problems in people.
Water pollution
  The other important environmental problem in our country is the forest fires that destroy lots of places and they cause an important environmental damage.

Illegal rubbish dump

  We have to change these situations. First we should save the water, and we shouldn't waste it. Secondly the Government should respect the Kyoto Protocol and we shouldn't contaminate so much, and finally, we should be careful with our forests, especially in summer.
  Finally, I predict that Spain will be a great place in the future and we´ll use only renewable energy sources. Therefore, everybody will enjoy of our great country.

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