Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. Barbados has an estimated population of 284.000 people with around 80.000 living in or around Bridgetown the largest city ad the country's capital. 

Barbados has been an independent country since 30 November 1966.It is  a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.  English is an official language of Barbados and is used for communications, administrations and public services all over the island.

The typical food of Barbados is a fish, the golden, tuna, turtles, especially ''sea egg'' which is a food with egg hedgehog.

The dollar has been the currency of Barbados since 1935. Barbados is a continental island in the North Atlantic Ocean,  and is located at north of the equator.   Barbados lies 100 km east of the Windworld island and Caribbean sea.

Rihanna is a famous singer who was born in Barbados.

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