Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is my village, it’s name is Moclin. It’s located close to the mountains eastern in Granada. It’s a lovely place where I spend my summer holiday with my family.

People here are very friendly and welcoming.

The river “Velillos” flows close to my village
and it’s very funny to bathe with my friends there.

It’s a village where you can appreciate it’s historical backgrouund. It’s was occupated by muslims many years ago and you can learn about their culture here.

If you want to get relaxed and to have a good time come and visit Moclín.

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  1. I like Moclin very much. I think the views from the castle are really impressive. I sometimes go there with my bike and I enjoy myself a lot.
    You are lucky to spend your summer holidays there.
    My favourite place is the 'mirador' on the road from Tiena.
    Good post, Lazaro!