Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tre metri sopra il cielo

This film is based on the book ''Tre metri sopra il cielo'' which write by Federico Moccia.
First I read the book and then I saw the film, but the Italian film because it's very beutiful and the film follows the script of the book. I don't like the Spanish film because the actors are very bad and it's a cheap copy of the Italian film.
I like ''Tre metri sopra il cielo'' because I like romantic stories and at the same time it's a real story.
The actors are very good and the music is very nice.

Director: Luca Lucini
Producer: Marco Chimenz
Screenplay by: Federico Moccia ( novel )
Teresa Ciabatti and Federico Moccia ( screenplay )
Starring: Riccardo Scamarcio ( Step )
Katy Louise Saunders ( Baby )
Maria Chiara Augenti ( Pallina )
Ivan Bacchi ( Paolo )
Mauro Meconi ( Pollo )
Giulia Gorietti ( Daniela )
Music by: Francesco De Luca and Alessandro Forti
Release date: 2004
In Rome, as in any other city in the world, young people want to fly, looking for walking ''three metres about the sky''. Girls like Baby strive in school, talk about the latest in fashion and prepare to find the love of their lives, the boys as Step prefer the speed, violence, risk, motorcycles and camaraderie of the bands but all of them are involved in life as if each second were the last.

They belong to different worlds, they want different things but they have something in common: the love that will float and hold them, love them will find and change: they'll become more savage;they'll become more soft. While, down there, the real life is demanding.


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