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Vienna (in German: Vienna IPA: [vi ː n]) is a Central European city on the banks of the Danube, in the Valley of the Vienna Woods, at the foot of the foothills of the Alps. Capital of Austria, and one nine of its federal states (Bundesland Vienna)

It is surrounded by the Land of Lower Austria . With a population of 1,712,903 inhabitants (2010), Vienna is the largest city, political and cultural center in Austria. The metropolitan area has 2.4 million inhabitants, a population similar to that of the city in 1914. The official language is German.

The city has a long history as one of the oldest capitals in Europe, so it has an important artistic heritage. During the nineteenth century was one of the great music capitals of the world and early twentieth century Mecca of philosophy and political debate in the West , as well as major cultural centers worldwide.

Quality of Life

Vienna currently holds the top spot in the lists of quality of life in cities around the world, primarily because of his order, cleanliness, safety and high efficiency of publicservices and the variety of options for education, culture and entertainment.

Artists, writers and musicians

Scientists, philosophers and thinkers



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