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I am Belgian and I am going to talk about Belgium.
In Belgium you can speak three different languages; German, French and Dutch.
It borders in the northern part with Netherlands, in the eastern part with Germany and with
Luxembourg, in the southern part with France, and in the western part with the North Sea.
The currency is the euro and the total area is of 30 528 km².
Belgium has a population of 10.7 millions of people.

Belgium is a federal state divided into three regions: Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north(A),French-speaking Wallonia (C), in the south and Brussels, the bilingual capital, where French and Dutch are the official languages (B). There is also a small German-speaking minority in the eastern part of the country (D).

Independent since 1830, Belgium is a constitutional monarchy. The two houses of Parliament are the Chamber of Representatives,whose members are elected for a maximum period of four years, and the Senate,whose members are elected too. Given its political situation,Belgium is generally run by coalition governments.
Among the best known Belgians are Georges Rémi (Hergé),creator of the Tintin comic-strip.
Painters like René Magritte are the modern-day successors of Rubens.
Georges Rémi "Hergé"

Belgium is famous for its chocolates, which are appreciated the world over. A favourite dish is mussels and chips (French fries) which, according to legend, are a Belgian invention. The country also produces over 1 000 brands of beer.
This country is one of the founding member of EU in 1952.

I would like to live in this country because this country has a lot of work in services sector, and I would like to work as a doctor or as a scientist. In this country the education is very good and I would like to study there. The languages are not a trouble because I speak French and I would like to study German.

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