Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Zealand

My country is New Zealand.

The people of my country are New Zealander. In my country we speak Maori and English. Our political system is a constitucional monarchy with a parlamentary democracy.

Queen Elisabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand and the head of state.

We have a population around 4 million people and a total area of 268,021 km 2.

Is a island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with two islands : North and South islands and it is notable for his geographic isolation.

Our currency is the New Zealand dollar.

The capital city is Wellington and there are other important cities as Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.
New Zealand was discovered and settled by the Maori over a thousand years ago when they came by sea from Polynesia in the South Pacific.

In 1840 Maori chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi with the British Crown, by which the government accepted British in exchange for a series of guarantees as to the ownership of their lands and treasures.

Some famous people of my country are for example: the actress Melanie Lynskey or Jessica Grace Smith, the actors David de Lautour or Manu Bennet or the director as Peter Jackson.

The typical dishes are two:

Fish and chips: they are very similar to the English.

Colonial Goose: is a preparation of roast leg of lamb.

New Zealand is not a member of the European Union because is of Australasia.

Finally, I would like to live in this country because its cities are among the best quality of life in the world and is a developed country that is always positioned at heights of several international lists about many topics, including the absence of corruption, the level of education and the economic freedom.

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