Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The coast of Granada

Tropical Coast is the name of the coast of the province of Granada. With more than 320 sunny days every year and an average temperature of 20 degrees it’s almost an unique paradise in Europe. A lot of foreigners of Northern Europe have an apartment in the villages and they go there on holidays. Some of the locations and the attractions are:

Motril´s beach is a very familiar and nice beach with an extensive maritime walk. There are many bars and restaurants, hotels and camping sites and many pubs to go out for drinks and music. At nights there are many, many parties. There are also many places where you can practise sports.

Playa-Granada beach is very near Motril beach. But, this beach is more luxurious and there are many flats with enormous swimming pools. People from Motril and Playa-Granada meet at nights to go out.

Chiringuitos are very popular here, on Spanish beaches. They are like bars, but they are in the middle of the beach. Here you can have lunch, dinner, or just have a tapa of pescaito or whatever you want. Also at night you can see monologues or have parties like in pubs.

Castell de Ferro is a town located in the coast of Granada.

Every year on June 24 people celebrate St John's Night and they make Bonfires of San Juan, where the fire burns to remove everything unpleasant that happened during the previous year , as a symbolic ritual.. People go to the beach, they eat, sing, drink and bath in the sea.

Salobreña is a town located in the heart of the Tropical Coast which is in the Midwest part of the Granada coast. Some interesting places in Salobreña are the castle, the promenade, the old town and the cane sugar factory (the last in Europe). You can visit the restaurant “Chanquete” too.

La Herradura is a little town situated at the western end of the Granada coast. Some interesting places in La Herradura are the castle and the beach, where you can eat fried fish.

Almuñécar is a coastal region located on the coast of Granada. It is the second most important town. Here there are a lot of apartment buildings where people from all over Europe and Granada live in summer, and there are also a lot of hotels. People go out at weekends to “Los Bajos” and they drink and go to pubs. Almuñecar is a very important town that produces subtropical fruit such as avocados, custard apple, mango, kiwi, persimmons, and many others.

Well, these are the interesting and attractive villages and customs in the coast of Granada. We really encourage you to go and enjoy them!

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