Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My grandpa Antonio

Last night I had a beautiful dream about my grandfather Antonio. He died two months before I was born, so I didn’t know him. My parents are always talking about ‘The grandpa Antonio’ and I really wanted to know him.
 In the dream, I asked him what things he enjoyed doing most, and he answered that he enjoyed being in the field a lot, with the cheerful nature and the songbirds. After that I asked him for a happy moment in his lifetime that he remembered and he said: ‘the happiest day of my life was the day I learned to speak!’ then he laughed and he said that it was a joke, he couldn’t remember it! He told me that the happiest day of his life was the day my father was born.
I asked him another question about why he didn’t like the sea’s waves (my parents always said that), and he answered that it was because when he was a child, he dropped his favourite clock next to the water and the waves took it.
Finally I gave him a big hug and he said: ‘I am very proud of you’. It was the best dream that I have ever had.

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