Sunday, June 17, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of computers in class

Computers are used in most of schools. In some schools computers are rarely used, but in others, computers are given to children that use them to do homework and even to study. There are several arguments for and against it.

On the one hand, computers are good for students because they make work shorter and easier. Computers can give us information for our task and they can store this information. Another reason is that are lighter than books and notebooks.

On the other hand, children will not learn to write if they use computers all time and they will have spelling mistakes. I think computer are less comfortable than books to study and if we use computers too long, we will have eye problems. Computers are also very expensive in comparison with books.

In conclusion, computers are efficient but expensive. In my opinion computers are a good way to learn for high school students but it is not for children.

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