Sunday, June 3, 2012

School uniforms

I have always worn uniform to school until this year but many people in my school disagreed with it.

On the one hand,  wearing  a uniform promotes the equality between boys and girls of different social conditions, because they are all equal in school. It is also  very convenient for children, because they do not have to think  what to wear every day; and for parents because they do not have to buy too many clothes for children to wear at school.

On the other hand, people who do not like uniforms think that everybody should be allowed to wear what they want, because they are free to do it. And specially teenagers think that uniform are not so ''cool'' to go to school, because they are very concerned about their appearance.

To sum up, I prefer wearing uniform instead of normal clothes, because it is more economical and very convenient than choosing clothes everyday.And I think it promotes the equality between children. So I am very sad because of not wearing uniform in this High School!

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  1. Good essay, Sara. I agree with you. Students should all wear uniform to come to school!