Sunday, June 3, 2012

More practical subjects should replace the subjects we are studying now?

Nowadays there is a big argument about the subjects that young people have to study. Are they practical for their future?
On the one hand, many people think that the students need some basic subjects like Maths, Science, Literature and English. Some of these subjects are optional but probably, they will be necessary in our future. And there are subjects that are important for studying the other ones. For example, English is the language of science and whatever you do, you will need English. But all of those important subjects should be very practical; for example, in science classes more experiments should be done.
On the other hand, subjects like P.E. or Religion can be considered less important because you can learn  them in your house or practice them in the street or in the gym. Religion is related to beliefs, so you do not need to study it.
In my opinion, there are subjects more important than others. I think that subjects like Religion or Tutorship should be left out of the curriculum because the education that you learn in those subjects is an education that your parents can give you. I like Science, but I think that if you study Science, you should have other subjects related to Literature, Latin or History because they are important for having a general culture.

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