Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 Private schools versus state owned schools

There are different views on which of these two schools is better.
On the one hand, at private schools the teachers are more aware of the students and the teachers help them in their homework. However many of these teachers work at private schools because their relatives also work there, so they are usually less qualified than state owned teachers.  
On the other hand, religion is very important at private school and it is a compulsory subject. The students are not free to choose if they want to study this subject or not. Nevertheless, at state owned schools religion is an optional subject.
In my opinion the most important difference between the two schools is that at private schools the bachillerato is more expensive than at state owned school.
To sum up, I believe that education is very important because you can choose your future if you have a good education. Because of this I think that education should be free and state owned school it is.


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