Monday, June 11, 2012


Last week, Corpus Christi Festwas celebrated in Granada. Corpus Christi is celebrated 60 days after Easter Sunday, but we celebrate it like a fair, which is very popular in Granada. This fair usually lasts one week.
The first day, at midnight, we celebrated the beginning of the trade fair with fireworks.
During that week, there are many bullfights with famous bullfighters, like: Francisco Rivera, El Fandi, El Cordobés, Cayetano…
The fair atmosphere can be enjoyed both day and night at the fairgrounds. During the day, it is typical to have Alpujarra's dishes: chorizo​​, blood sausage and potatoes, also there are many horses and carriages. A lot of people dress and dance flamenco, usually women.
The first Wednesday of the fair, at mid-morning The Tarasque, a very big dummy of a woman standing on a dragon and wearing the clothes that are fashionable in this season, is carried in procession along the streets of the city centre. Also, on Thursday, the Sacrament procession leaves the Cathedral and goes in the centre of the city. It is very beautiful and popular.
María Ballesteros & Belén Sola
 We, Belén and María, went to the fair on Saturday with our families,  wearing our 'sevillanas costumes'. A friend of us, who has a carriage, gave us a ride around the fairgrounds. We danced sevillanas and we drank a lot of rebujitos. It was a fantastic day, but the weather was so hot!!!

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