Monday, June 4, 2012

What do you think about wearing an uniform at school?

In all private schools pupils have to wear an uniform, but in public ones they do not have to. It is a good idea to wear an uniform in any school type?

Some people think that it is more comfortable to wear it at school, for example, parents think that way because they do not have to worry about the clothes of their children. Some students as well share that opinion because they do not have to think what clothes to wear the next day. However, if all students would have to wear a uniform some people would find it humdrum.

Other students think that it is not a good idea, because they want to wear clothes of their choice and do not depend on rules. Many parents also disagree, because if their children stained their uniform, they would not have another one, so they would have to wash it constantly.

In my opinion, I prefer wearing an uniform instead of my own clothes, because when I was in my old school I used to wear it and it was handier than choosing different clothes every day. Nonetheless, I think that each school should do the best for their students.

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