Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carlos said he was 17 years old and that he had been born in Granada, in a village called Hijar. He told me he lived with his parents and his brothers,one older and one younger. He has no pets. He also said that lived in an apartment and that he had once met Jose Frances.
He said that his favourite hobby is riding his bike.
He said that the last book he had read was Love Actually. He told me he spoke Spanish.
Carlos told me he had traveled to Ronda, Madrid, Cordoba, Malaga...
I asked him what he did on Sundays and he answered he usually slept, relaxed, etc...
Carlos said he would like to be famous.
He told me he had never worked.
When I asked him about his parents, he said his parents are nice and friendly.
He said he preferred afternoons to mornings and he liked sunsets.

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  1. Good post, Julia. Thanks!
    You should tell Rociomu to write one about you!!! ;-)