Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A good and simple person

I asked Pablo some questions to know each other. He said that his name was Pablo G. and he was 16 years old. He told me that he had been born in Granada,and he lived in a flat with his parents and his brother, who was older than him. Pablo told me that he has been studying English for 9 years.
He said he had no pets.
He explained that he had never met a famous person, and his favourite hobbies were swimming in the Arabial pool and playing guitar.
Pablo said that he hadn't done any jobs. He told me that his favourite food was pizza and he liked travelling and sleeping.He explained that his mother was friendly and his father was nice and he was the person who he respected the most.Pablo told me that he didn't like shy and insecure people.He said that the last book that he had read was “ The Reaper”.Finally he said that he preferred sunrises and sunsets.

By: Leopoldo

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  1. Good post, Leopoldo.
    This is the only pic of Pablo I have. I expect he will like it. He looks really interested in something, doesn't he?