Sunday, June 7, 2009

Roberto by Daniel

Roberto said he was 17 years old and that he had been born on the elevator of the hospital. But since he was a baby he had lived in a flat in Granada. He told me he lived with his parents and his dog. He had a dog.

I asked him what he did on Sunday, and he answered he used to sleep. He also said his hobbies were going out with his friends, listening to music, going to parties and drinking (?).

He added he was very good at cooking and singing! He also said he had read “The Teacher Man”. He told me he could speak English, French and Spanish and he had been to Tunisia, France and Italy.

The person he respected the most is her grandmother and the person who had influenced him the most was a friend of his father's.He said he didn't like liar people.

Roberto said he preferred evenings and he liked sunsets more than sunrises.He said he wouldn't like to be famous.He told me he had worked in a farm and as a waiter.

When I asked him about his parents, he described his father as sympathetic,friendly, always in good mood and he said his mother was always in good mood too!!

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