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People who live in Luxembourg are Luxembourgers and all speak Luxembourgian, a language similar to German. German is the first foreign language and French is in the second place.

Luxembourg is a Parliamentary Democracy headed by a constitutional Monarch. The Grand Duke has got complete political immunity. He forms his government by appointing ministers and secretaries of the state. Based on the election's results, he appoints the Prime Minister of the country.

The population of Luxembourg in 2010 was 502,202 people.

Luxembourg is a small landlocked country in Western Europe, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany, and its history has been inextricably linked with these countries.

Its currency is the Euro (€).

It takes up an area of approximately 2,586 square kilometres. The country is full of forests and rolling hills.

The capital city is Luxembourg, although there are other important cities like Mersch, Esch-sur-Alzette and Dudelange.

The history of Luxembourg is entwined with the histories of surrounding countries, peoples, and ruling dynasties. Over time, the territory of Luxembourg ownership has changed repeatedly, and its political independence has grown gradually. The history of this country starts in 963, from here to twentieth century; Luxembourg has been governed by Spain, France, Austria, Netherlands and Germany. What’s more in 1839, the Treaty of London ceded the western part of Luxembourg to Belgium. So, Luxembourg became a smaller country. Since the Second World War, Luxembourg has become one of the world's richest countries.

Famous people who were born in Luxembourg: Joseph Kutter and Michael Majerus, painters and artists and the photographer Edward Steichen.

In Luxembourg there are many typical dishes like Thuringer (little sausages which are usually sold in the streets), Kach Keis (a soft cheese spread) and Quetsche tort (a plum tart)

Finally, I’d like to say that Luxembourg has been a member of the European Union since 1957.

I wouldn’t like to live in Luxembourg because I think it is a small country where there aren’t many people and where I couldn’t do many things.

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