Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm Slovenian because I'm from Slovenia.
Slovenia is a very small country in Central Europe, that's is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, with a population of two million inhabitants, and total area of 20273 square kilometres. Their capital is Ljabljana.

The most important Slovenian authors were the poet France Preseren and the writer Ivan Cankar.
And I like their typical food, especially the Borscht, a vegetable soup.

I wouldn't like to live in Slovenia, because it's a small and unimportant country, and if you want to succeed in life, you must leave this country.


  1. Thanks for your information about this country, Elena.
    I really didn't know anything about it. But I would like to know other things:
    Is it a member of the European Union?
    What is the currency?
    Why do you think you must leave this country if you want to succeed in life??
    Please, answer my questions!

  2. Oh, its currency is Euro! so this country belongs to the Euopean Union.
    I think that you must leave this country if you want to succeed in life, because, its a small country, and very little important, and the important companies are in big and rich countries(USA, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Spain, Italy...)