Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi! The name of my country is Turkey, I'm Turkish. The capital of my country is Ankara and one of the most important cities is Stambul. I speak Turkish and the political system is a republic, the president is Abdullah Gül.

There are seventy one point five million inhabitants and the total area is seven hundred and eighty thousand square kilometres.

My country is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.Turkey has land borders with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Bulgaria and Syria.

One of the important facts was in 330 AD, Constantinople which lies on the Bosphorus between
the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, became the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

The currency in our country is the Turkish lira and one of the typical food is goat's milk yoghurt.
One of the famous people of my country is the Nobel prizewinning novelist Orthan Pamuk.

My country isn't a member of the European Union.

Finally, I wouldn't like to live now in Turkey because in these last days there are many fights between the people an d the government.

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