Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My country is Latvia and if you live here you are Latvian and you have to speak Lettish.
It’s a small country in East Europe (64000Km2). Latvia borders with Lietuva, Estii,
Belarus and Russia. It’s a parliamentary democracy.
The capital city is Riga.
They are
in European Union but the currency is the Lat (1 lat = 1.40€).
There are 2 million
people. But there aren’t any famous people! The typical food is the caviar, herrings, sardines…

I don’t think it is a good country to live because I'd prefer to live in an important country where
there is a famous culture and traditions.

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  1. Thanks Dani.
    You forgot to include a map of your country.
    How long has Latvia been a member of the European Union??
    Perhaps you should have mentioned an important writer from Granada who died in Riga. Who was this man???