Monday, February 21, 2011

Iceland! :D


Hello, my country is Iceland, so I’m an Icelander. Its flag is blue with a red and white cross on the left and its capital city is Reykjavik. I speak Icelandic and the political system that we have is a republic: we choose our president every four years.

There are 300.000 inhabitants and the total area is 103 000 km² square kilometres.

Iceland is an European island country in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It’s near to Norway and the United Kingdom.

Our currency is the Icelandic króna and one of the most traditional dishes is hákarl, which consists of shark's head which is left buried underground to ferment for several months, then consumed with extreme caution.

About important historic facts I can say that the first people said to have inhabited Iceland were Irish monks, who probably settled there in the eight century. Greenland was discovered and colonized by the Icelanders in the 12th century.

Most part of Iceland is an Arctic desert, it has mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and waterfalls too. About famous people, we have Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir, who was Miss World in 2005.

My country isn’t a member of the European Union.

In my opinion, I like to live in Iceland because you can see volcanoes, snow, mountains and the beach at the same time, it has mild weather, but I have a real problem with the food, because I’m very delicate with that and I don’t like fish.


  1. Thanks Laura
    I feel cold when I read your post
    I think you should have said something about the great problem there was in Europe last summer when one of the volcanoes in your country erupted and the European Airlines companies had to stop flights for some weeks.
    What was the name of that volcano??

  2. I like you post though!
    Good work!