Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello, my name is Blas , I'm Dutch and I speak Dutch. The political system of my country is parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch. Netherlands's population is about 16, 650, 300 people with a density of 401 people per square kilometre. The total area of Netherlands is 41.848 square kilometres. Netherlands is situated in the north of Europe between Germany and Belgium. the capital city is Amsterdam,

and there are some other important cities like Utrecht or Rotterdam.

Some important historic facts are the kingdom of William I, the importance of Netherlands in the second World War because of its situation, and that Netherlands is one of the founder members of the European Union.

Some important people from Netherlands are Ana Frank,

Mata Hari, the queen Beatrix of Netherlands, Arjen Robben…

And finally some typical dishes from Netherlands are Oliebollen (an typical Dutch pastry eaten in New Years’ Eve,

the Stroopwafel a popular Dutch sweet and the Dutch large beer.

Finally, I don't want to live here in future because I detest Dutch food.

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  1. Thanks, Blas.
    Good work
    Only that you forgot most of the CAPITAL letters!!!
    Please, be more careful when you write in English!!