Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some of my favourite songs.

These are my favourite songs right now.
Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars.- I love this song because of the rhythm, it is like an old school song, and I love Bruno Mars
                                "Never had much faith in love or miracles
                                Never wanna put my heart on the line
                                But swimming in your words is something spiritual
                                I'm born again everytime time you spend the night"

The Climb by Miley Cyrus,-  I love this song because it's taught me to overcome my problems no matter what happens
                                "There's always gonna be another mountain
                                  I'm always wanna make it move
                                  Always wanna be a unphill
                                  Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose"

Walk In the Sun  by McFly.-  This song has a powerfull message for me,because I usually listen to this song when I am through a really bad moment, and this song and the voice of Danny Jones makes me feel much better, and this song taught me that I'm not the only one who was through a bad moment or has some problems.
                                   "I wonder what it's like to be loved by you
                                     I wonder what it's like to be home
                                     And I don't walk when there's a stone in my shoe
                                     All I know, that in time I'll be fine"

Love For Me by Cher Lloyd.-  This song taught me that you don't have to change for anybody and you are valuable just the way you are
                              "A doll house it's all that you could see
                                       I have problems I have issues
                                       Sometimes is all too much for me"

We are who we are by Little Mix.-  This song taught me that everybody is beautiful,that you don't have to be skinny or pretty or anything to be beautiful,you just need to be you
                                       "Throw all the books and the magazines
                                        I'm never gonna look like a beauty queen
                                        We are who we are who we are
                                        And I'm just doin' me, just doin' me"

Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars.- This song means a lot to me, it reminds me of my grandma and makes me cry everytime I hear it,because I miss her.
                                        "At night when the stars light up my room
                                          I sit by myself talking to the Moon
                                          Try to get to You
                                          In hopes you're on the other side
                                          Talking to me too
                                          Or am I a fool who sits alone
                                          Talking to the moon"

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  1. Good post, Alba. Please, include some images of your favourite songs and singers. Thanks