Monday, January 14, 2013

My new year's resolutions

Hi guys!
I'd like to share with you all my new year's resolutions because this year I hope to improve myself a little bit more, and I think that if I write them down here some of you can remind me of them when you think that I'm neglecting them!

-I'm going to spend less money on clothes, cause I really have a serious problem... I'm becoming into a shopaholic!

-I am going to enjoy every moment. Times passes quickly and we must enjoy as much as possible our lives and  take advantage of all the opportunities which come to our daily life!

- I am going to keep on travelling. Travelling is my first hobby, since I was very little  every year I have gone on a trip at least, and this is what I really like. In my opinion it is an enriching activity and the best way to create open-minded people!


  1. Very good text, Elvira. I know you won't neglect these good New Year's Resolutions. You are a really responsible girl!

  2. I love that song, it's so pretty!