Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On a cruise with my High School

The interviewer said that that day he was going to interview a student who had gone on a cruise the year before with Padre Manjón high school. He said that the name of the student was Laura.
The interviewer asked her when she had gone on the cruise.
Laura said that she had gone after Easter, from April the fourth of 2010 to April the eleventh of 2010.
After that, he wanted to know where the travel had taken place and what cities she had visited.
She answered that she had travelled across the Mediterranean Sea and she had visited Monaco, in France and some cities in Italy like Nápoles, Pompeya, Rome and Florencia.
Then, he asked her what city she had liked the most.
She quickly said that the city which she liked the most was Rome where Fontana de Trevi was.
Finally, the interviewer wanted to know if she would repeat this experience again.
And her answer was of course, she would do.

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  1. Thanks, Ana.
    I am sure that the Cruise this year is going to be a success too!!