Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MY Interview with ...

Hello my dear reader!
Today I want to tell you about my first interview.
It was ten years ago and I was with a new famous singer.

At first I said hello and We started the interview.
I asked him why he had started to sing and he told me that he found having a shower boring without singing, one day his sister recorded his ''songs'' and then they did his first CD.
I asked him about the new CD that he had done the month before, He told me that the songs of his new CD were tributes to some famous Spanish groups that he loved. (Heroes del silencio, Radio futura, La Unión, Café Quijano, Siniestro total...)
Finally he said that he had to go to a party, I said bye and he gave me a signed CD

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  1. Hello, Emilio
    Who's this man??
    Sorry, I don't know many people!!