Saturday, April 30, 2011

The offspring - You're gonna go far kid

The Offspring are Dexter Holland (vocals, guitar), Noodles (guitar), Greg K (bass) and Pete Parada (drums).
Following a riot at a 1984 Social Distortion show, high school buddies Dexter and Greg K decided to start a band of their own in Garden Grove, California. The Offspring have now put out 8 records, performed over 1000 shows across the globe and are known for their many hits including "Self Esteem," "Come Out And Play (Keep 'Em Separated)," "The Kids Aren't Alright," "Hammerhead" and "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid."


Now dance, fucker, dance
Man, he never had a chance
And no one even knew
It was really only you

And now you steal away
Take him out today
Nice work you did
You’re gonna go far, kid

With a thousand lies
And a good disguise
Hit ‘em right between the eyes
Hit ‘em right between the eyes
When you walk away
Nothing more to say
See the lightning in your eyes
See ‘em running for their lives

Why this song?
Because I think the whole lyrics are great and original. Also because every time I listen to it I encourage myself because it's got pace and it's an inspirational song. It isn't a sad song to cry or to be depressed; that is what I like the most of this song.

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