Sunday, April 17, 2011

Julia interviews Elena

A few days ago, I interviewed one of the players that played with me in the Andalucian Tournament.

She told me that her full name was Elena Aragón de la Torre, after asking it to her.
When I enquired her how old she was, I was amazed by her answer, she was only fifteen!
I wanted to know how long she had been playing football, Elena replied 9 years, after having some doubts in counting.
She also said that she normally played as a wing but her position often changed, answering the question, in which position she played.
Elena added that she had been playing in 3 teams, after asking her in how many teams she had played, all of them were from Cadiz, where she is from.
I asked her around how many goals she had scored in those 9 years, she answered around 240. A total striker! :)
I wanted to know who her favourite player was, at what she said straight away: Lionel Messi. From that we could deduce that her favourite team was F.C. Barcelona.
Finally, I demanded her something I've always wanted to know: what her dream for the future was. She answered taht her dream was to play with the Spanish team as she had already played with seleccion gaditana and Andaluza.


  1. Hello Julia. Thanks for this interview.
    It's always interesting to meet new people here!!