Saturday, April 16, 2011

Interview to Fernando Alonso!

Good Afternoon!
I'm Laura Milán and I was with Fernando Alonso yesterday. I asked him about his life and his career and his answers were:
First I wanted to know how he felt in his personal life and he said that he was really pleased and he was eager to begin the F1 competition.

Then I asked him about his last race and he answered that his car was much faster than it had shown last week before and he also told me that he hadn't had good luck but a fourth position hadn't been a bad position.

Also I wanted to know what expectations he had for his next races and he told me that he expected to improve his car and get better results in the following races because he had a competitive and fast car.

Finally I asked him how he felt in Ferrari and what the atmosphere was like in the scuderia and he said that he felt comfortable and motivated and Ferrari scuderia was eager to win a lot of races.

I thanked him and said that I expected to see each other soon and he said that he also expected so and thanked me for the interview.

Well this was my interview to Fernando Alonso. I'll see see you next week with more news about him.

Thank you very much!

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  1. Very good interview, Laura, with such a popular person. How lucky of you to have met him!!