Saturday, May 7, 2011

Interview to Christ

FRIEDRIC NIETZSCHE: Rafa, what about your interview to Jesus Chris in your journey to heaven?

R. Rivera: I expected more of the Messiah.I'll tell you my experience…


- I wanted to begin that interview with a question:I asked to him what did he thought about his omniscience?

- He was glad I had made him that question; he said to me that being omniscient was a little stressful, but he told me that he saved up a lot of money in the underground.

- I said to him that it was a good answer, I supposed that ´´if life gives you lemons, make lemonade…``Certainly I wanted to know too, why did he multiplied the loaves and fish in that dinner during the sermont on the mount.

He said to me that it was a funny story because he was forced to multiply the loaves and fish because the catering company had left him stranded in the very last moment.

- The next question was made by our public: they asked him what god was like?

- Christ told us that his appearance was very similar to Jimmy Page after a shower.

- I had to ask him about his musical tastes.

- He told me that he loved ``the true rock`n roll´´, he loved Fito and Miley Cyrus.

- I couldn’t believe all the things that we both had in common.

- After a long interview I understood that: we are both fans of Celta de Vigo, we both do shopping in mercadona and we both watch muchachada nui every Wednesday.

- The last question that I asked to him was:How did you feel the day of the crucifixion?

- Christ said to me that it was a difficult question but I answered me because I was a good boy… He felt furious because just that day he was going to travel to Benicasin for the Easter week’s holiday, and that morning Pilatos took him to the cross and the rest was history…

FRIEDRIC NIETZSCHE: God has died!!!!!!

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