Sunday, May 29, 2011


Life had never been as it is now, and it never will be the same as it was....

Many inventions have taken several centuries to develop into their modern forms. Each invention may be just one small step on the road to the ultimate goal.

The television was a really big revolution in the communications of that time. This world has become smaller because of the ability to be everywhere that something happens, and its power in society is so strong that it says what is in fashion and what you have to say or think to millions of television viewers. What is more: our free time can’t be thought of without television.

No one can grant, in the topic of the television, who was the inventor of this gadget but we can talk about the people who intervened in this invention:

One of them was Paul Nipkow, who patented in 1884 a system to break down the light in different little points. After ten year the cathode rays were invented by Ferdinand Braum.

The first American star of the television was Félix cat. His adventures were looked in 1928 in all TV shows.

The fist play that was shown on television was “The man with the flower in the mouth” by Pirandello, in 1930.

The first program broadcast on the international television was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

1949 was the year in which the shadow mask tube was developed. It is the beginning of the television with colours. The television broke borders when it started to use satellites of communication to send and receive pictures transoceanic. Finally in 1969 the pictures with the arriving of the man to the moon were seen live on televisions of all over the world.

All the rest we already know. Television has become so much better, with better screens and better quality and colours, and it has become so small that we can look at this in a common mobile phone but it has become so big too that we can look at this as if we were in the cinema watching a film.

At the moment almost everybody has a minimum of one or two high definition television at home. But I sometimes think about what it would happen if we were our parents when they were 5 or 6 years old, most of them didn’t have this gadget… Maybe they were happier than us now…maybe not.

Personally I'm not sure about if it has been the most appropriated invention or the worst substitute to the innocence of the children.

For curious people here you have a link: TELEVISION

By Teresa R. B.

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