Monday, May 30, 2011

Quartz Clocks

Clocks are instrument that measure the time. A watch a mechanism that oscillates at a constant rate, either a pendulum, a spring or a crystal. The search for accuracy and less weight was a constant in the job of Watchmakers. If we discard the atomic clocks and timers, the quartz watches were an accurate revolution on a ancient technology.

Warren Alvison Marrison, a Canadian watchmaker, was its inventor, in 1929 in the USA.

The quartz clock was preceded by many other watches, such as the hourglass of the Middle Ages, the water clock or clepsydra used until the Middle Ages, a sundial used by the Egyptians before 1500 BC and the mechanical clock that appears in Europe in 1300. And, of course, pocket watches and wristwatches that appeared in 1504, but they are seen as luxury until in 1868 he invented the first winding watch.

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