Sunday, May 15, 2011

La sombra del viento

Nowadays,one of the things that we, young people, like is music, but I want to talk to you about reading.
It's true that during the academic year, we can't read much because we already have enough of binding books
, but Im going to talk about my favourite book.

It's called 'La sombra del viento' and was published in 2002 by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
The novel begins when a young man named Daniel is taken to a mysterious place called
"The cemetery of forgotten books". There, Daniel, who is the protagonist, finds a strange book that will change his life completely: he feels spied on at all hours, some people want to buy his book, he’s persecuted by a police officer who makes his life impossible, a sinister man with the deformed face threatens him
, Daniel does not give up and gets into even more problems.

How does it end? Does it end Daniel safely? Why is it so important his book? Who was the man with a disfigured face?
You'll have to read the book to find out!

In my opinion, Carlos Ruiz Zafón is a great writer because he makes very good descriptions and that helps us understand the story easily.
Although this
book is for adults, he uses simple language and with many expressions used by young people.
In 'La sombra del viento' the intrigue is present until the last moment and also shows a very beautiful love story.
So when we finish the exams, I encourage you to read this fantastic book. You won't be disappointed!

Here you have the book in the window of a bookshop in Amsterdam. You can see it has enjoyed a great success all over the world and it has been translated into many languages.
"Het spel van de engel" (Dutch)

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  1. Very good review on this book, M del Mar.