Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The interview to my sister.

Hi! I'm David, I'm 17 years old and this interview is about my sister Mary, who is 25 years old and who lives in Valencia.

Logically, she's working, because it's impossible to live today without money! So the first question that I asked her was how long her employment contract was, and she answered me that she worked in a company with a full-time contract until next summer.

She told me that if she couldn't find a job, she would have to return to Granada but she didn't want.
Her answer surprised me and I wanted to know why she didn't want to come back, if she had her family here!
She told me to relax and then she explained me the situation: She said to me that Valencia had been a perfect place to start a new life, and she also said that it had underground and train, so you could travel more easily than here.

My sister continued adding that the city had a lot of sport-parks and a long bike lane! I asked her what she did in her free time and she told me that she went to the beach to sunbathe, to the park to do sports...

In conclusion, I promised myself that when I could do the same, I'd take my luggage and I would go away from city to city!

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  1. Thanks, David.
    That was an interesting interview with your sister!