Sunday, May 1, 2011


(This video has been filmed in Barcelona)

The other day, I did a short interview to Shakira. First, I asked her if i could do any questions, and she replied me I could. So I told her that nowadays she was the focus of gossip, and I asked her if she cared about it. And the Colombian singer answered that she didn't care as long as they didn't criticize her and they didn't lie. She added that sometimes it overwhelms her, but she thinks it's a matter of time, and now she is the focus and the next time it would be another person.
Immediately, I asked if she thought that if it could interfere with her relationship with Piqué, and she replied that she didn't think so and quickly she added that she hoped it didn't, and she laughed. Then she explained that she didn't mind what the news said because she trusted him and he trusted her.
Finally, I asked about her career and she replied that she was at the perfect moment of her life.
Finally, we said goodbye and I thanked her.

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