Sunday, May 29, 2011

The toothbrush

The toothbrush was first introduced in Europe in the seventeenth century.
The first brushes had a wood handle and natural bristles, then they were replaced by plastic.
When the colour of the cell means there is going to change it. ?????
The toothpaste is essential for hygiene. the bleach Centrif help against discolouration of the teeth.
???to maintain strong healthy teeth and oral hygiene is essential to achieve proper teeth should be washed 2 to 3 minutes and do it gently, in circular motions around the mouth. you can also use the electric toothbrush that is recharged with a battery and more or less weight is 120 to 150 grams. white teeth do not exist, there are people who have more clear than others, for that reason the function of the brush is not whiten but cleaned.

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