Monday, May 30, 2011

The aspirin

The aspirin is the most known drug and the most used in the world. It is a cheap, safe and effective pill.
The aspirin was discovered by Felix Hoffmann, who was a scientist, in 1897 when he discovered acetylsalicylic acid because he wanted to find some medication for his father.

  • Properties:
  1. Analgesic: this pill can do disappear headache, toothache, muscle ache...

  2. Antipyretic: It can do reduce temperature.

  3. Anti-inflammatory.

  4. Anti-rheumatic: It is use for fight with some acute and chronic diseases.
  • New possibilities:
  1. Anti-cancerous: The aspirin can reduce the risk of cancer.

  2. Cerebral protector: This pill can protect neurons.

  3. Anti-cataract: The prevention of cataract in old people.

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